(Català) 2 dies en Allotjament a l’Hotel +1 circuit SPA + 1 Sopar al Cafè Pessets per 79,60 €

Raquetas in Natural Park

1 A, 1 SPA, 1 RAQUETAS de Nieve con Guía – PARQUE NATURAL. Desde 55 € pers.

(Català) Apartaments SKi 14-15

(Català) Lloguer d’Apartaments per tota la temporada d’esquí des de 702 €

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Bacallà confitat lleugerament fumat


  1. Once vacuum packed cod with a little oil, smoking, bake in a water bath at 80 degrees for 8 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, we light mashed potatoes and fry the ham in small Tallet.
  3. Finally, assemble the dish with the mashed potato in the base, the cod on top and finalments, put the ham Tallet.


  • Desalted
  • Smoked Oil
  • Ham
  • Potatoes

Plat de bacallà confitat