(Català) 2 dies en Allotjament a l’Hotel +1 circuit SPA + 1 Sopar al Cafè Pessets per 79,60 €

Raquetas in Natural Park

1 A, 1 SPA, 1 RAQUETAS de Nieve con Guía – PARQUE NATURAL. Desde 55 € pers.

(Català) Apartaments SKi 14-15

(Català) Lloguer d’Apartaments per tota la temporada d’esquí des de 702 €

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Pessets Hotel is the ideal place for business meetings in a calm and relaxed and with all the facilities you need. Several rooms are available equipped with different capabilities. Enjoy coffee-break in our garden, business meals in the gourmet restaurant, or the gala dinner in the banquet room. We offer 76 comfortable rooms and our most careful service. We can organize complementary activities in the region, such as rafting, horseback riding, mountain routes, 4×4 trips, etc..
Skiing in winter, adventure sports in summer, and great food all year Pallars make an ideal place to get lost.

Descarrègui’s el nostre dossier d’empreses (pdf  543 Kb) i comprovi tot el que podrà fer a casa nostra.