(Català) 2 dies en Allotjament a l’Hotel +1 circuit SPA + 1 Sopar al Cafè Pessets per 79,60 €

Raquetas in Natural Park

1 A, 1 SPA, 1 RAQUETAS de Nieve con Guía – PARQUE NATURAL. Desde 55 € pers.

(Català) Apartaments SKi 14-15

(Català) Lloguer d’Apartaments per tota la temporada d’esquí des de 702 €

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The mountains of Pallars were among the first in Catalonia to be traveled on skis. When it’s cold, snow-covered Pallars to welcome all those who love winter sports visit us each year looking for a family skiing, quiet, unhurried and crowds, and a unique landscape .

The ski resorts of GranPallars (Port-Ainé 16 km. And Espot-Skiing 30 km.) Are the closest to our house, and Tavascan 40 km), but since culd also have quick access and preferential station Ski Baqueira-Beret Bonaigua 40 km. through the Port of Bonaigua. For lovers of the Mountain Skiing culd is paradise with lots of peaks and slopes waiting to be dominated.
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